Terry Wahls diet

Terry Wahls diet

Marie Louise on 

Terry Wahls's diet

I have known about Terry Walhs's diet for a few months now, but did'nt have the motivation to begin the diet 100%. After a lot of prayers to God and my higher self to give me this motivation. As always God heard my prayers.

In order to heal it can be good to get a person down on her knees, in order to lift her back up. Therefore I became so sick (with virus/flu) during this past winther. For months I was exhausted and did'nt have any energy. I caught one virus after another leaving me depressed and empty inside. I was scared my disease was getting worse and could'nt get back to that point that so far had been ”normal” for my body.

Finally I was so FUCKING tired of my life with MS and that was when things began to change. It was now apparent that Terry Wahl's diet was the one for me and there was no longer ANY hesitation or doubt that I could do it.

Since then eating and cooking these beautiful veggies have been so much more easy than I ever imagined. Even though I have been feeling many symptoms of detoxification, the underlying motivation in my consiousness, is now on autopilot.

My next prayer is for God to help me have that strong motivation for exercising!

So thank you God for kicking my ass, so I can keep this beautiful diet that will cure my mind, body and soul!

And a HUGE thanks to Terry Wahls, who is nothing less that a human angel and a great lightworker for challenged people everywere!


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Yvonne harking | Svar 10.12.2012 18:11

Hej Marie Louise!!!
Jeg villle lige spørge dig, hvor finder jeg denne diet? i den originale udgave på dansk. KH Yvonne

Birte Heldorf | Svar 28.04.2012 13:01

Hello Marie Louise. I took my freedom to link to your adwices in TW diet, on MSforum. Thankyou telling about your good fighting. Let the angels be able to help.

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10.03 | 03:50

Går du igennem smerte i dit forhold er dette en mulighed for dig at løse det med magten i den store stavekaster Dr. Ajayi.email: drajayi1990@gmail.com

21.07 | 01:39

Et praktisk spørgsmål; stoppede du med at tage det blodfortyndende medicin efter ballon udvidelsen? Er selv på det efter operationen og så træt nu igen.

22.07 | 19:18

Hej Marie Louise,

Jeg kunne rigtig godt tænke mig at høre hvordan din rejse til Schweiz gik?

Mvh Maja Linding

10.12 | 18:11

Hej Marie Louise!!!
Jeg villle lige spørge dig, hvor finder jeg denne diet? i den originale udgave på dansk. KH Yvonne

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